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NRA Endorses Genetski
October 12th, 2008

      The National Rifle Association has endorsed Republican Bob Genetski in the race for State Representative for the 88th District. In a release from the NRA's Political Victory Fund, Genetski is given an "A" rating along with the endorsement. "Our members will interpret [the] "A" rating and endorsement as an indication that [Bob is] a pro-Second Amendment/pro-hunting candidate who supports sportsmen and gun-owners." Genetski was very pleased with the endorsement. "I greatly appreciate the NRA endorsement as few groups, if any, have worked as hard to protect our basic constitutional rights. I consider this an honor," the GOP nominee said. The Saugatuck conservative is running for the seat currently held by term-limited Fulton Sheen. Kristen Lark, Genetski's Campaign manager & an avid hunter, noted, "Gun rights are a very basic and important freedom, and we are thrilled that the NRA has recognized our campaigns commitment to protecting those rights." The NRA's website notes that Genetski"s opponent received an "F" rating for gun owners' rights. Genetski belongs to Fennville Rod and Gun Club.

Bob and Kelly
Thank you!!!!
August 5, 2008

      My family and I are grateful for the support of those who voted in the primary election on August 5th! I am very honored to be the Republican nominee for State Representative. I am excited to represent the party of Lincoln, the party of Reagan, and the party of George W. Bush in the general election.


Bob Genetski

Republican Liberty Caucus to Endorse Genetski
June 9, 2008

       The Michigan Republican Liberty Caucus will formally endorse Bob Genetski for State Representative in the 88th District. The Caucus works to advance the principles of individual rights, limited government and free enterprise.
       "We are excited to endorse Bob Genetski for State Representative," notes Dan Sheill, Chairman of the Caucus. "Bob's policy pieces show he understands very well that Michigan's economic growth is dependent on reducing the size and scope of government."
       The Caucus exists to elect limited government Republicans to office. The group supports a strict construction of the Bill of Rights. The RLC's Board of advisors include former Congressmen Barry Goldwater Jr., John Shadegg, J.D. Hayworth, Nick Smith, and presidential candidate Ron Paul.
       The Saugatuck Republican thanked the RLC saying, "It is a great honor to be recognized by a true, free-market based group like the Republican Liberty Caucus." Genetski campaign officials received word of the endorsement on Sunday and see it as a very good sign.
       "Voters are starting to pay attention to the State Rep's race, and they are asking tougher questions. We feel that's very good for our candidate. Bob has put out more specifics regarding policy to help the Michigan economy than anyone else in the race, and people are taking note of that," stated Campaign Manager Kristen Lark.
       The Republican Liberty Caucus evaluates candidates based on information they submit on questionnaires, from their websites, and campaign material. Genetski also submitted guest editorials that appeared in major West Michigan newspapers and The Mackinac Center for Public Policy's Michigan Education Report.
       "It may have been Bob's articles they liked," noted Andrew DeMent, Genetski's Campaign Treasurer. "He does tend to point out the failures of big government a lot."
       The primary election for State Representative is August 5th. The 88th District is compromised of Allegan County with the exception of Otsego Township, Watson Township and the City of Otsego.

January 31, 2008

       Bob Genetski's effort for State Representative is leading his Allegan County competition in funding according to the Michigan Secretary of State. Campaign finance reports show the Saugatuck Republican with a sizeable advantage in cash on hand.
      Genetski is shown to have amassed $24,582.55. The campaign shows a balance of $22,577 as the five way race for the GOP nomination heads into 2008. The 88th District seat is open due to term limits.
      Kristen Lark, campaign coordinator for the Genetski Campaign, states, "We are very glad to be ahead in cash on hand at this point, and we are a quarter of the way to our goal, but we really haven't started our fundraising efforts yet." "It is a long time before the August 5th primary," notes Bob Genetski. "Each candidate is going to work hard to raise money. I am more proud of the county wide organization we have built at this point."
      While Genetski's funds are tops, Jeff Farnsworth spent the most in 2007. The Gunplain Township man spent $7,723.80 after taking in $9,997.50. Farnsworth finished last out of five candidates in 2002.
      Finance records indicate that Leighton Township's Joshua Leatherman came in second in spending. Leatherman's records show he spent $4,298.48 after taking in $5,902.44 for 2007. Both Leatherman and Farnsworth have done some mailings according to their records.
      Newcomers to the race filed their paperwork as well. Spencer Moore ( Leighton Township ) and Shelley Edgerton ( Gunplain Township ) showed balances of $1,055.00 and $50.00 respectively. Each made announcements within the last two weeks.
      Campaign finance reports for those seeking public office were due to Terri Lynn Land's office by 5:00 PM Friday. The reports showed fundraising and spending activity for the year 2007.

Roe v. Wade
January 22, 2008

Dear Friends,

On this, the anniversary of Roe Versus Wade, we are all called to remember that more young beautiful lives created by God were taken from us and this world by one court decision. The Supreme Court tried to reduce the value and dignity of life in their ruling. I am very thankful for the many volunteers and activists who work so hard every day to protect life and acknowledge that it is a gift from God and no government institution should every take that away.

Yours for a better Michigan,

Bob Genetski

Genetski Campaign- The only State Rep's campaign to make it to Fennville's Goose Fest!
October 13, 2007

Goose Festival
Every year Fennville hosts the very popular and enjoyable Goose Festival. One of the highlights of the Festival is the annual parade which took place October 13th. We were the only State Rep's campaign to appear in the Goose Fest parade. We had a large contingency, and handed out a lot of candy to the Fennville faithful. Everyone had a great time, and as usual, Fennville hosted a great event. Our hats are off to the Blackhawks for the great job they did this year (and always do) in hosting the fest. The streets were lined with very positive and appreciative people. This is what small-town U.S.A. is all about.

I proudly announced my candidacy for State Representative.
September 15, 2007

Bob's Announcemnet
This announcement took place at 10:30 am in front of the former Lifesavers factory - a workplace once bustling in production. The empty building reminds us of the tragic amount of job loss in Michigan and the devastation it causes hundreds of families. Michigan is in great need of jobs.

Bob Genteski AnnouncementI was honored to see around 40 people that showed up to support my campaign. The speeches of my father and former students were humbling and their kind words were greatly appreciated.

Thanks for all your support and God Bless you!

Robert Genetski