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Right to Life PictureI am very thankful to have been raised in a family that taught me to respect the sanctity of life. We believe that life in all of its forms and stages is a gift from God. Thus, it should be cherished, honored and protected.

As a teacher of at-risk students, I often see young girls become pregnant during the school year. I am blessed to work at a school that hosts a nursery for the babies of these high school students so that these young women can earn an education. Only through education do these girls have the chance to better themselves so that they may provide for their children.

I was honored to be introduced at my announcement by a former student Erin, who, as a teen mother, worked hard to earn her high school diploma. In her speech, Erin credited me with helping and encouraging her to earn her diploma and her decision to pursue a career in nursing. I was humbled by her kind words.

Bob and Erin Picture I am proud to be a member of Michigan Right to Life and North Allegan County Right to Life. These groups not only work for adoption alternatives but also provide counseling for women who suffer from emotional trauma after having aborted their babies. I believe it is these amazing programs that make Right to Life such a wonderful organization. They do not discriminate in whom they help. It is one of the most positive groups I have had the privilege to be involved with.

I encourage every Michigan voter to get the correct facts on stem cell research. There are very wonderful and exciting cures coming directly from research on adult stem cells!! The cures to cancer, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's and many more such devastating ailments could be just a few years away. However, research on embryos (fertilized eggs) has yielded zero results to date! Embryonic stem cell research ends a human life. With so much wonderful and safe potential surrounding adult stem cell research, all Michiganders will want to join the Right to Life cause by supporting adult stem cell research and opposing the use of human embryos.